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Here at Fairway Pizza, we always make sure to let you know that we are a dog friendly pizza place. We know that dogs are an important part of your family which is why we welcome all of our guests to bring along their four-legged canine friends with them when they come by to see us! But what exactly does that mean? Does it mean dog hair in your pizza whether you have a dog of your own or not? No, allow us to explain…

What Does “Dog Friendly Pizza Place” Mean?

It Does Not Mean Dog Hair in Your Pizza!

When we say that Fairway Pizza is a dog friendly pizza place we don’t mean that you will find dogs running around left and right through our dining room and kitchen! We keep very strict health controls and regulations in place to ensure that your food is always healthy, fresh, and free from dog licking! Even though we are dog friendly, we do not allow dogs in the dining area or in the kitchen because it’s just not sanitary. What we do allow, however, is families to enjoy their canine company out on our heated back deck. That means that you and your pooch can not only settle in for a nice lunch but that you can also enjoy our live performing bands while you’re here!

We Also Advocate and Fundraise For Community Dogs!

When we say that Fairway Pizza is dog friendly, we don’t just mean that you can bring your dog to enjoy a snack with you out on our deck, we also mean that you are frequenting a business that conducts regular fundraising campaigns and provides support to local canine-based charities. Heck, we even hold charity dog washes to raise funds for homeless pups!

It’s Not a No Holds Barred Dog Park

It’s also important to know that while we are a dog friendly pizza place, we do have certain rules in place that are designed to keep everyone safe and happy. For example, when you bring your dog with you to enjoy a slice of pizza they must remain in your control at all times. This ensures that they don’t bother other guests and it helps to keep you and your dog safe. We also require that your dog be sociable and friendly with people and other dogs so that everyone has a pleasant dining experience on our dog friendly patio We also ask that you keep your dog up to date on their vaccinations and veterinary care and that you always clean up after them if they spill, make a mess, or have an accident while you are spending time on our property.

These regulations are in place for the courtesy of all of our guests and to ensure that everyone has a great time, please don’t ruin it for everyone by ignoring them!

Ready to Drop By With Your Pooch?

If you’re ready to drop by our dog friendly pizza place with your pooch in tow, please don’t hesitate! You’ll find us located at 2901 Alt 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 and we’ll have a hot and fresh slice of pizza waiting for you when you arrive!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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