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Fresh salad options aren’t always available from your local pizza joint, but here at Fairway Pizza, we make sure that we cater to EVERYONE! We don’t think it’s fair for you light eaters to have to eat a slice just because it’s what your better half is craving. That’s why we have a large section of our menu dedicated to freshly made salads!

Fresh Salad Options

Our 3 Most Popular Fresh Salad Options at Fairway Pizza in Palm Harbor

With quite a few salads to offer, some of our guests find it hard to choose from our selection, but time and again, these three salads make our list of popular fresh salad options!

Caesar Salad

An all-time favorite (and one of my personal favorites here at Fairway Pizza!) is the traditional Caesar salad. There is something so refreshing about the cool crisp lettuce and rich flavorful dressing in a caesar salad that just hits the spot every time!

We offer a small and a large Caesar salad option made with fresh Romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, shredded parmesan cheese and our homemade Caesar salad dressing. Our small salad is the perfect add on to a slice of pizza for a more “rounded” lunch option, or go with the large and make a meal of it!

Summer Sensation Salad

The Summer Sensation Salad is a great salad choice for those unbearably hot days when you just want something sweet! The fresh fruit in this salad combined with crispy sweet pecans make it almost as though you’re eating dessert for lunch plus, you’re still getting those greens in!

We offer just one size of our Summer Sensation Salad option. This salad is made with fresh spring mix salad, fresh strawberries, gorgonzola cheese, fresh apple, mandarin oranges, pecans, bacon bits, and red onion. Served with our strawberry balsamic vinaigrette dressing, this is the perfect taste of something tropical.

Tuna Salad Platter

Our tuna salad platter is something a little more filling for those of you who want to get your greens, but who also need a little protein on the side! This salad platter option is available with tuna salad, chicken salad or krab salad, but the fan favorite is always our tuna!

A hearty scoop of fresh tuna salad served on top of a bed of fresh lettuce, shredded mozzarella cheese, shredded white cheddar, chopped cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, red onions, and green peppers. This salad comes with a choice of dressing, our available options are house, Caesar, ranch, blue cheese, Russian, or strawberry vinaigrette.

Feeling Like A Crisp Fresh Salad?

If you are in the Palm Harbor area and feel like grabbing a crisp fresh salad either by itself or as a side to a slice of freshly baked pizza, drop by and pay us a visit! We’re waiting!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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