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If you live in Palm Harbor or are in the area at lunchtime, make sure to drop in and see us here at Fairway Pizza! Whether you’re craving grinders, pizza, pasta, or sausage, we have lunch specials that everyone loves!

What Does Fairway Pizza Offer for Lunch Specials?

First off, every lunch special at Fairway Pizza comes with a tossed salad and a fountain drink included with the price. That means no added expense, just one lunch special price!

Now, what do we offer?

The Small Grinder Special

The small grinder special gets you a small grinder of your choice for $8.39.

The Spaghetti Special

The spaghetti special will get you a delicious spaghetti plate topped with marinara sauce and mouthwatering melted cheese. Grab this pasta plate for just $7.89!

Sausage and Peppers

Our sausage and peppers plate comes with fresh peppers and succulent sausage topped with rich marinara sauce. The price tag on this favorite is just $8.39!

The Pita Pizza Special

The pita pizza special features our specialty pita based pizza and can be customized with toppings of your choice for just 69c each. This modern dish is just $7.89.

The Lasagna Special

If you feel like something typically Italian, our lasagna special topped with marinara sauce and melted cheese will hit the spot. For just $8.39 you will get a filling portion of this classic dish.

Eggplant or Chicken Parmesan

Our lunch eggplant or chicken parmesan plate is topped with sweet marinara sauce and melted cheese and is sure to fill your belly! At only $8.39, this is one of our most popular lunch specials.

Stuffed Shells Special

If you’re looking for something rich and satisfying, our stuffed shells special with classic marinara sauce and melted cheese are yours for just $8.39!

Fettuccini Alfredo Special

Our fettuccini alfredo is a must try if you’re a fan of rich alfredo sauce. Topped with melted cheese, you can grab this dish for just $7.89!

…But What About the Garlic Bread?

We know, you can’t have Italian food without warm, fresh garlic bread, so we’ve got you covered. All of our luncheon specials except for our grinder special and pita pizza special are served with a side of garlic bread!

A Great Deal on a Lunch Out!

So, it doesn’t matter what you’re craving, drop in and see us at Fairway Pizza and Sports Page Pub and we can satiate your hunger with a filling lunch plate, garlic bread, a fresh tossed salad, and a drink for under $10!


Lunch for two for under $20?

You know it! We know that you work hard for your money and don’t want to spend a fortune on eating lunch out. But, we also know that you want something filling for lunch. Something that will fuel your long afternoon in the office and keep you going when your boss asks you to stay past 5 pm! So we’ve made sure that our lunch specials are hearty and satisfying!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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