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As one of many Palm Harbor bars and restaurants in our community, we recently shared our COVID-19 protocol, today we want to talk about COVID-19 and social activities.

Palm Harbor Bars: What We Want You To Know About COVID-19

Here at Fairway Pizza, we are a restaurant first and foremost, but we also have two full bars that have served as a meeting place for many of our friendly locals. We love serving as a meeting place because it not only lets us get to know our locals, but it helps locals to get to know each other too! But, as you may know, here in Pinellas County we are under a “safer at home” order. This order means that while staying at home is not mandatory, it is advised in order to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. So what does that mean for bars and restaurants like us and our regular visitors?

If you read our general COVID-19 policy then you know that we are taking this situation very seriously. This means that the way that we operate has been modified in order to keep you healthy. Part of this modification means that our bars will not remain open during the usual opening hours. We will be serving alcohol at both bars until 10 pm, but we will also be enforcing social distancing regulations. This means that you must maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet between you and anyone else in the area, yes, even friends. We aren’t enforcing this rule to put a “downer” on your party or because we “don’t like having fun”, we are enforcing this because we know how devastating this virus is and we want to protect you, your friends, our community, and our staff members.

We know that not all bars and restaurants in the area are enforcing this type of rule at the moment, but please be aware that those establishments that are not being safety cautious could end up costing lives. If you do decide it best to head out somewhere, be sure to sidestep businesses that are putting us all at risk and to support local businesses who are doing all they can to keep everyone safe.

Our Recommendations

So, what do we recommend that you do if you’re craving Fairway Pizza? Firstly, we recommend that you pick up the phone and call us for delivery! We can’t deliver your cocktails or beer, but we can deliver your favorite menu items hot and fresh, right to your door!

Secondly, if you’re already out getting groceries or supplies and you are on your way home, just call in an order for pickup! We’ll prep your order in no time at all and all you have to do is swing by and pick it up!

Palm Harbor Bars Ask You to Be Mindful During This Time

During this time of heightened awareness of COVID-19, we ask that you always be mindful of your community and your fellow man. The safety and health of Palm Harbor residents is our top priority and we ask that you do your part to get us all through this difficult time.

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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