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There are more than a few ways to get that melty cheesy delicious pizza on the table, but many people forget about carry out pizza when they’re considering their options. All too often, the idea of carry out pizza doesn’t even come up and people settle instead for store-bought pies. Here at Fairway Pizza in Palm Harbor, Florida we know a thing or two about pizza in its many forms and today we’re sharing with you 5 reasons why carry out pizza is a better choice than store-bought!

5 Reasons Why Carry Out Pizza is Better Than Store Bought Pizza!

  1. When you get carry out pizza you get a hot, ready to eat pizza that you can break into ASAP, but with store-bought pizza, you have to get home and cook that bad boy before you can enjoy it!
  2. By the time you have cooked up that store bought pizza at home, you’re starving, but that bubbling melted cheese is going to force you to wait for it to cool down or risk cheese burns. If you’d picked up carry out pizza instead, it would have had time to cool enough to be edible by the time you got home.
  3. One of the biggest reasons why we love carry out pizza more than store-bought pizza, though, is that you can satisfy everyone’s cravings without having to buy twelve different pizzas! When you order carry out, you can order half and half pies and everyone gets what they want but you don’t end up with a week’s worth of pizza leftovers!
  4. If you’re on your way home from work and you’ve ordered a carry out pizza via phone, all you have to do is swing by and pick up! If you’re going for the store-bought pizza, you have to trek down the frozen food aisle, find a pie that will satisfy everyone, get in line, check out, THEN go home and cook it before anyone can fill their belly! Once work and school are out for the day, no one has that time to waste, they’re starving!
  5. The best reason we can think of to opt for carry out pizza instead of store-bought pizza is taste! Who knows how long that frozen pizza has been sitting in the freezer at the grocery store and how long ago was it made anyway? When you order carry out pizza from Fairway Pizza, though, you can rest assured that your pizza is always made with the freshest ingredients and it’s cooked to order so that when you pick up your pie, it’s still fresh and delicious. Would you rather have a pie that’s been sitting in the freezer section of the grocery store for who knows how long, or would you rather go for hot, fresh, and tasty?

Ready to Order Your Carry Out Pizza?

If you’re ready to get your order for carry out pizza in so that it’s ready and waiting for you to pick up when you pass by, just give us a call here at Fairway Pizza! You can reach us at 727-772-7060 and don’t forget to check out our Palm Harbor pizza menu before you call!

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