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As a top Palm Harbor Pizza destination, here at Fairway Pizza we often hear our customers talking about and buying into myths about our favorite food. Today we want to clear up a few of those myths!

Palm Harbor Pizza Place Shares 5 Pizza Myths

1. Pizza Originated in Naples

It’s a common misconception that Naples is the origin of pizza as we know it, but food historians now believe that pizza came from the neighboring town of Lazio and the roots of the foundation of the dish (a flatbread with ingredients baked into it) also have a history in Greek culture.

2. Margherita Pizza is Named For Queen Margherita of Savoy Who Ate and Approved of the Food

Although it’s a frequently believed story about the origin of the name of Margherita Pizza, it is a very unlikely story since, at the time, pizza was seen as something that was quite unappealing – it’s allure was rather limited to the Lazio and Naples region.

3. Pepperoni Pizza is a Popular Italian Dish

Although there are plenty of people who love pepperoni pizza, it’s not actually an Italian creation! In fact, in Italy, the word pepperoni means “large peppers” and pepperoni pizza as we know it is an Italian-American creation.

4. Hawaiian Pizza Originates From Italy

Hawaiian pizza is a hit or miss with pizza lovers, but when it comes to the Hawaiian population, there are very few people who enjoy the dish! Sam Panopoulos, an Italian man living in Canada is believed to have been the creator of the sweet and savory pizza combination!

5. Pizza is Unhealthy

Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear that pizza is unhealthy, but the truth is that like most dishes, pizza can be both healthy and unhealthy. Whether your pizza is a healthy or unhealthy dish depends greatly on how it’s cooked, the ingredients used, and, of course, how much you eat!

Pizza that is made using fresh ingredients like the pizza that we make here at Fairway Pizza, is a nutritionally healthier choice than pizzas that use fatty, oily, and low-quality ingredients.

Ready to Enjoy Some Delicious Palm Harbor Pizza?

If you’re ready to chow down on some delicious Palm Harbor pizza, drop in and visit us at Fairway Pizza! We have a wide selection of Northern handmade pizzas with a perfectly cooked medium crust, pick any one of our mouthwatering combinations or stick with the traditional favorite of cheese. We guarantee that no matter what you choose, you’ll be satisfied!

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Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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