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Palm Harbor pizza restaurants like us here at Fairway Pizza spend a good percentage of our lives working with pizza. During that time, we’ve come to know your favorite delivery food pretty well. We’ve also shared quite a bit of our pizza knowledge here with you before, but today we’re back again with some pretty amazing pizza tidbits for you to chew on!

Palm Harbor Pizza Restaurants Share Amazing Pizza Tidbits

It’s true, we’ve shared plenty of pizza facts here over the past few months, but there is no end to our pizza knowledge and today we’ve got some more!

Pepperoni Pizza Anyone?

Each year, pizza consumers eat an incredible 251,770,000 pounds of pepperoni! Want to put that in perspective? It’s just over 20,800 adult African elephants…now that’s a lot of pepperonis!

He Ate How Much?

Speaking of very large amounts of food…can you guess how much pizza the current world record holder for pizza consumption had to eat to make the record books? Try OVER 200lbs! There are some who say that what Cristian Dumitru of Romania ate wasn’t pizza at all because the “cheese ratio” was too low, but we don’t care about that, it’s still an unimaginable feat and it definitely shows a true love for pizza!

But How Much Pizza Can You Make in 2 Minutes 35 Seconds?

While we’re on the topic of world record holders in the pizza world, you won’t believe how many pizzas the world’s fastest pizza maker was able to make in just 2 minutes and 35 seconds. Give up? Fourteen. FOURTEEN full pizzas in just 2 minutes and 35 seconds! That’s not just incredible, it’s mindblowing!

The Nations Highest-Grossing Single-Unit Independent Pizzeria

Ever wondered where the nation’s highest-grossing single-unit independent pizzeria was? It’s Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria in Anchorage, Alaska. Annual sales? A whopping $6 million! Although, we can’t really blame anyone living in Alaska for not wanting to head out to pick up a pie…at least, not in the middle of winter! Winter high temperatures average in the high 20’s!! We’d be ordering delivery too!

It’s Not Just Pizza That American’s Love!

Of all of the ethnic food varieties available throughout the U.S. Italian food in general tops the list as the nation’s favorite. Fortunately for you, Fairway Pizza has plenty of your other favorite Italian meal options on the menu including one delicious chicken parm!

Keep an Eye Out For Those Fake Pizza Deliveries

Another interesting pizza tidbit, did you know that in the late 1960’s the U.S. Army’s 113th military intelligence unit spied on reporters and politicians using fake pizza deliveries? Don’t worry, we don’t deliver anything but hot fresh pizza and only when you order it!

Searching For Palm Harbor Pizza Restaurants?

If you’re just looking for Palm Harbor pizza restaurants, look no further! Fairway Pizza is thrilled to invite you to our restaurant and serve you up one of our famous northern style pizzas! So, what are you waiting for? Come on down!

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