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Are you looking for the pizza place of all pizza places? Then give Fairway Pizza in Palm Harbor a try, we promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Fairway Pizza Place Offers the Best Freshly Made Northern Pizzas!

Not all pizza is created equal and if you’re looking for a taste of freshness, you can find just that here at Fairway Pizza! What makes our pizza stand out from all of the other pizza places around? Let’s take a look…

  • We make fresh pizzas to order which means that your pizza is hot and delicious every time!
  • We use only the freshest ingredients when making your pizza so that you can really taste the difference between our food and the food you’ll find at every other pizza place!
  • We specialize in Northern style pizza and that’s what we stick to! Why? Because it’s what we do well! We don’t try to mix things up and get fancy, we know that great pizza speaks for itself!
  • We have been perfecting our recipes for years and they have become local as well as family favorites because of the quality of our ingredients.
  • Our prices are family friendly and you can rest assured that you will go home with a belly full of our pizza made from fresh, perfectly ripened, and delicious ingredients!

Why Do We Make Such an Effort When Making Our Pizzas?

Most pizza companies buy ingredients in bulk and some even buy pre-made pizza dough! We don’t believe that any good pizza should be made with pre-made ingredients. We make our own fresh dough, buy the freshest ingredients available to us, and cook every pizza to order. Why do we make things so complicated in comparison to those cheap and fast pizza places? Because no real Italian would ever consider eating frozen pizza. No, a real pizza, delicious pizza, is made with whole fresh ingredients and made in a perfectly heated oven on homemade dough.

Or Try Our Takeout Instead!

Don’t have time to drop in and pay us a visit? Driving on your way home from work and need to pick up something fresh and delicious for dinner? Give us a call at 727-772-7060 and place your order over the phone and we’ll get it ready for you to pick up when you arrive!

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We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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