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You can’t have the best cheese pizza without mozzarella cheese! In fact, the one thing that can truly make or break a pizza is the cheese! So today we’re going to talk a little bit about mozzarella cheese! In fact, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know!

The Best Cheese Pizza: It’s All In the Mozzarella Cheese!

Mozzarella first got its name from the word “mozze” which is the Neapolitan word for “cut-offs”. This word refers to the way in which mozzarella is made – a spun paste made from the curd of water buffalo milk is “cut off” and shaped into the desired shape – usually a small round ball or “bocconcini”.

Mozzarella Didn’t Use to Be Made with Cow’s Milk At All!

Once upon a time, mozzarella was only made from water buffalo milk and only from water buffalo that were raised and herded in Northern Italy. Today, we also use cows milk and goats milk to make mozzarella, but ask a true Italian pizza lover and they’ll tell you that it doesn’t get any better than the mozzarella made from the milk of the Italian water buffalo!

Why is Water Buffalo Mozzarella Preferred?

What is it that makes the water buffalo mozzarella so good? Well, compared to cows milk, water buffalo milk from the Italian water buffalo has higher fat and protein content. Water buffalo milk also has twice the amount of solid content than cows milk! Just to look at an example, the amount of cows milk that yields 28.6 lbs of mozzarella would equal 52.9 lbs of mozzarella if water buffalo milk were used!

What’s in a Name?

The mozzarella that you and I buy from the grocery store is not always the genuine article and because of this, it cannot actually be called mozzarella! You see, because mozzarella is considered a traditional, geographical food, it must be made in a specific location and use specific ingredients. So, in order to be called mozzarella, mozzarella must bear the STG emblem that confirms that the cheese was produced in full compliance with local rules. So the next time that you are shopping for mozzarella pay a little more attention to the name of the cheese! You may find that there is a one letter different in the name of your cheese – a necessity if it was not made to exacting standards!

Storing and Using Mozzarella!

When you purchase mozzarella, it should be stored in the “serum” of the cheese which is why you will usually see it in a small clear container with liquid. This liquid helps to keep the flavor of the cheese before it is used. While some people suggest storing mozzarella in milk, this actually dulls the flavor.

When you are ready to use your mozzarella, just drain off the serum, let the cheese sit in the fridge for a little while, and then slice as you like it!

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