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Find pizza restaurants nearby and fulfill all of your pizza cravings…yes, even those strange topping combinations! Whatever you do, though, just don’t but into these pizza myths!

Find Pizza Restaurants Nearby But Don’t Buy Into These Pizza Myths!

Cheese pizza is the Most Frequently Ordered Pizza…But it Might Still Be…

We’ll admit that we bought into this one in the past, it just seems logical, doesn’t it? Well according to data compiled by food delivery service Foodler in 2013  more people actually order pizza with toppings than those who order plain cheese pizza.

We have to say, though, that we assumed the “cheese pizza is more popular” argument was focused on all of the individual pizza options rather than topping vs. no topping pizzas. Did you?

Pizza Left Out at Room Temperature Should Not Be Eaten

If you’re a true pizza lover then you’ve probably already heard the myth that pizza should be thrown away if it’s been left out at room temperature. This is actually part myth and part truth depending on how long you leave your pizza out. According to the FDA, pizza can sit out at room temperature for up to two hours and still be edible. The exception to this is if temperatures are particularly warm. The FDA advises that if the temperature is around 90 degrees, pizza can only sit out for one hour and be edible, after that, it is no longer safe to eat. Additionally, at this higher temperature, the pizza must be cooled to at least 40 degrees in order to reduce the chance of foodborne bacteria.

Pizza Should Be Thrown Away If It’s Not Eaten Within Two Days

A lot of people believe that if takeout or delivery pizza is not eaten within two days that it should go into the trash because it’s no longer good to eat. According to the USDA and FDA, however, you can safely keep pizza in your refrigerator at 40 degrees or below for up to 4 days. They say that this does not necessarily mean that your pizza isn’t safe to eat after four days, but there is a higher chance that you will get sick from your pizza if you do eat it after that fourth day.

Wrapping that pizza up in an airtight container and freezing it? The USDA says that you can safely keep that pizza frozen for one to two months. Just be sure that it’s sealed up tightly or you’re going to wind up with freezer burn on your pizza!

Looking To Find Pizza Restaurants Nearby?

If you live in or around Palm Harbor and you’re looking to find great local pizza joints, we encourage you to drop in and pay us a visit here at Fairway Pizza! We’ve got all of your favorites and plenty of extra options for those of you who don’t feel like a slice. Just take a look over our menu and drop in and get some grub!

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