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When you’re looking for pizza who delivers in or around Palm Harbor, you want more than your generic, plain cheese pie with the stale crust. Fortunately, here at Fairway Pizza, we make all of our pizza from scratch using our homemade perfectly balanced sauce and all of the freshest toppings! But just in case you need a few more reasons to try our pizza…

Pizza Who Delivers: 5 Reasons Why Fairway Delivery Pizza Rocks!

1. Our Pizza is Always Fresh!

The last thing you want when you order pizza delivery is for your pizza to be a pie that’s been sitting under a heat lamp for hours that’s already started to cool and taste stale. When you order Fairway Pizza pizza, you never get a stale pie that’s been kept warm for hours before delivery. We don’t start making your pizza until you call in your order, so when your pie arrives at your door it’s fresh, crisp, and still warm from the oven!

2. Quality Control

Have you ever ordered pizza delivery from one of those big chain places only to have it show up at your door with all of the toppings stuck to the lid of the box? Or the cheese on the pie is so overcooked that it’s rock hard? Or maybe the base of the pie is blackened? There is nothing as disappointing when it comes to food delivery. When you order Fairway Pizza, you always get a pie that’s cooked to perfection. Before every pizza is sent out for delivery, we check for quality because we want to be sure that you get a pie that represents our best work!

3. Fresh Ingredients

As a small business in Palm Harbor, we support other small and local businesses and that means that our ingredients are fresh, local, and we always make sure that you get plenty of them! We don’t believe in skimping when it comes to topping your pie!

4. We Don’t Just Have Pizza!

We know what it’s like when you can never agree with a partner or family member who never wants to eat the same thing as you. Fortunately, we have plenty of variety on our menu so that everyone in your house can get something that they want rather than having to settle for something else instead.

5. We Have More Than Brownies and Cookies For Dessert

We know that it gets a little tedious when you have a sweet tooth but all that traditional delivery options offer is brownies and cookies. Fortunately, we have a nice selection of REAL desserts for you to choose from so that you can really satisfy that sweet craving! We’ve got cheesecake, cannolis, and more!

Looking For Pizza Who Delivers in Palm Harbor?

Are you looking for a delicious pizza that can be delivered to your door in and around Palm Harbor? Give us a call today at 727-772-7060 and place your order and we’ll get it to you in no time at all!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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