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As a top Oldsmar Pizza restaurant, we here at Fairway Pizza overhear many diners asking questions about pizza, so today we wanted to take a moment to answer a few of those questions for you.

Oldsmar Pizza Joint Answers Your Top Pizza FAQs

Q: Can Pizza Be Healthy?

A: Many people are under the impression that pizza is unhealthy, but this isn’t necessarily true. Like any other food, pizza can be awful for you and it can be pretty beneficial. How healthy your pizza is for you depends on a range of factors including:

  • Whether your pizza is made fresh with fresh ingredients – fresh ingredients are better because they aren’t loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients and they retain much more vitamin and mineral content.
  • What toppings you choose for your pizza – for example, adding every cheese and every meat on the menu to your pizza isn’t the best healthy choice!
  • What type of crust you choose for your pizza – for example, a cheese-filled crust isn’t going to be a very healthy choice!
  • How large your pizza is and how much of it you eat – calories play a part in how “healthy” something is for your diet!

Q: Can Pizza Boxes Be Recycled?

A: Yes! Many townships used to refuse pizza boxes if they were left in recycling bins, but lately, more and more towns are recycling our pizza boxes in an effort to clean up the environment!

Q: How Much Pizza Should I Order For # People?

A: Something we hear frequently when customers call in to order pizza for delivery or pickup pertains to how much pizza they should order. Well, here’s what we know from our experiences…

  • An extra-large pizza will feed 3 hungry adults or 4 to 5 not-so-hungry adults.
  • A large pizza will feed 2 hungry adults and 1 child or 3 to 4 not-so-hungry adults.
  • A medium pizza will feed 2 hungry adults or 3 not-so-hungry adults.
  • A small pizza will feed 1 hungry adult and 1 to 2 hungry children or 2 to 3 not-so-hungry adults.

Your mileage will vary depending on who is eating and how hungry they are, but this is a great guide to use because it’s generous on serving size so you don’t come up short!

Q: Which Pizza is Best?

A: Of course, we think ours is best, but the answer to this question definitely depends on who you ask! Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to what they like in a pizza, some people like a fresh Northern pizza crust like the pizza we serve here at Fairway Pizza! On the other hand, some people prefer thin-crust or deep-dish pizza. Choosing a pizza crust is just like choosing toppings, everyone has their favorite choices, but if you haven’t had a chance to try our Northern Style pizza, we encourage you to give it a try!

On the Lookout For a Great Oldsmar Pizza Joint?

If you’re in or around the Oldsmar, Florida area and are searching for a great place to grab a slice, why not come and visit us here at Fairway Pizza? We’ve got a great selection of pies to choose from and if you’re craving something sweet we’ve got some great Italian favorites to choose from!

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