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Here at our Palm Harbor Florida pizza joint, we hear a number of pizza myths floating around and today we wanted to take a minute to talk about some of those myths.

Palm Harbor Florida Pizza Joint Shares 5 Pizza Myths!

1. Only San Marzano Tomatoes Can Make a Good Pizza Sauce

There are many tomato varieties out there, but the seed type doesn’t have as much to do with the flavor as the area where the tomato was grown, the care that was put into curating the tomato plant, and the quality of the tomato itself. This, in addition to the freshness of the other ingredients used to make your sauce and the sauce recipe itself, all contribute to just how delicious your pizza sauce is!

Here at Fairway Pizza, we have our own sauce recipe that is perfectly balanced made with incredible plump tomatoes and just the right amount of seasoning.

2. Italian Restaurants in the U.S. Serve Italian Style Pizza

While there are some authentic Italian pizzerias in the U.S. most of the time you will find that the pizza you are served at pizzerias in the U.S. are a spin on Italian pizza. That is, the concept of the pizza is the same, but Americans have taken it and added their own spin whether that spin is the crust, the toppings, the sauce, or the entire pizza! In fact, many of the things that we do with pizza here in the U.S. makes Italians cringe – for example, putting pineapple on pizza!

3. Pizza is Junk Food and is Bad For You

Let us begin by saying this – all things in moderation!

Now, when considering pizza as a whole, it’s important to know that pizza is not all junk and it’s not all bad for you. When you order your pizza there are plenty of ways to make it healthier! Go for a whole grain or gluten-free crust, get a light dusting of fresh cheese, add plenty of fresh veggies for your toppings.

Pizza may be bad for you when you order a triple cheese topped, cheese stuffed crust pizza with all the meats and you eat the entire thing by yourself, but there are always healthier options! Plus, here at Fairway, we have a wealth of other options on our menu if you want to go for more traditional “healthy options”.

4. Cheese Pizza is the Most Popular Choice

False! More people order pizza with toppings than order a plain cheese pizza! When it comes to the most popular toppings, pepperoni tops the list!

5. Pizza is a Cheap Option For Eating Out

Now here at Fairway Pizza, our pizzas are all really reasonably priced, but the idea that all pizza is cheap is a myth of grand proportions! Just like most other foods, the price you pay for pizza can vary drastically depending on where you are eating, the size of your pizza, the toppings you choose, and even who makes it!

Looking For a Palm Harbor Florida Pizza Joint?

If you’re in the Palm Harbor area and looking for a great pizza joint where you can enjoy a slice or a whole pie, come by and pay us a visit here at Fairway Pizza!

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