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Dog friendly restaurants can be hard to come by, but here at Fairway Pizza, we welcome our four-legged pals! Not only do we have an outside deck where you can enjoy a drink and a bit to eat while your pup sits with you, but we also regularly hold charity events that benefit our local animal charities and animal shelters! So…why do we love dogs so much? Besides “just” loving them, we believe that dogs are valued members of our families and the benefits that they bring to us are endless!

Dog Friendly Restaurants: Benefits of Being a Dog Parent!

We encourage all of our guests to adopt a canine family member if they can, in fact, we’d love to invite you to our next dog wash charity event! In the meantime, though, think about some of the benefits of being a dog parent!

You Are More Socially Active!

We know this one is true for sure because many of our regular guests met each other when they came to lunch here at Fairway with their pups in tow! Not only do you get to meet other dog lovers, but your dog also gets to make new friends while you all enjoy a bite to eat. Does it get much better than that?

You’ll Be Healthier

Research has shown that dog parents are healthier! Your blood pressure will be lower, you have less chance of depression and anxiety, your heart health will be better, and combined with your better social life, you’ll just feel better overall!

You’ll Be Happier!

Research has shown that dog parents are happier than those people who don’t have dogs! We’re not quite sure why this is – maybe it’s a better social life or better health, but either way, you cut it, you’ll be a happier family with a healthy pup in your home!

You’re Helping Your Community AND Saving Lives!

Like every other location in the U.S., Palm Harbor struggles with our animal shelters filling up on a regular basis. By rescuing a dog, you don’t just get the benefits that we noted above, but you get to help your local community by reducing the number of homeless dogs.

If you should know anything about us here at Fairway Pizza, aside from the fact that we serve delicious pizza, you should know that we always support our city and efforts to make it a better place. By adopting a homeless dog, you help to reduce our homeless pet population and you get to open up a position in our animal shelters for another animal in need.

Your Stress Levels Are Lower

Just being a dog parent lowers your stress levels which improves your health as well as your relationships with others! With less stress in your life, you have more time to spend with friends and family! We recommend spending that time at one of our open mic karaoke nights!

Looking For Dog Friendly Restaurants in Palm Harbor?

If you’re on the lookout for a dog friendly restaurant in Palm Harbor, we encourage you to drop in with your canine pal and pay us a visit here at Fairway Pizza!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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