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Today our Pinellas Park pizza pros are talking all about pizza sauce! More specifically, we’re talking about different spins on tomato sauce that can change how you look at pizza forever!

Pinellas Park Pizza Pros Talk Tomato Sauce!

The Basic Pizza Sauce

Let’s begin by taking a look at the more traditional pizza sauce recipes. So, what exactly is pizza sauce?

When most people talk about pizza sauce, they are referring to the red sauce that you’re used to seeing on your pizza. That is, a sauce made with tomato paste, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, basil, and oregano. The measurements of each ingredient differ depending upon who you ask or which recipe you follow.

It’s Not Always Basic!

Pizza sauce isn’t always as basic as the one listed above, sometimes chefs and restaurants add a little something different or go in a different direction completely to make their sauce stand out from the crowd. Take a look at some of these unique sauce options!


If you love your ethnic foods and you have a favorite salsa, why not substitute that salsa for your sauce? Yes, we think it’s slightly odd too, but if you’re a true salsa lover, we have no doubt that you’ll love this one! Add some jalapenos, plenty of cheese, and a little seasoned beef and it’s good to go!


Green pesto is so far from pizza sauce it’s not even funny, but did you know that plenty of people who love the green stuff also love slathering it on their pizza? It’s not too unusual though when you think that pesto was developed in Italy!


Okay, this one is a little bit too strange! We don’t mind hummus and we obviously love pizza, but replacing that delicious pizza sauce with hummus? No thank you! But rumor has it that  there’s a fairly large group of people who enjoy slathering their pizza crust with hummus and then topping it off with some olives, onions, and cheese.

Ranch Dressing

There’s nothing wrong with a little ranch dressing now and again…but when you choose to slather it all over your pizza crust in lieu of pizza sauce…well, we think that it’s going a little bit too far. Regardless of what we think, though, it seems to be a fairly popular trend!

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