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Today we want to talk about pizza recipes…more specifically, our favorite pizza topping combinations. There are many to choose from but here at Fairway Pizza, we do have our favorites!

Pizza Recipes: Our Favorite Pizza Topping Combinations

We have plenty of pizza topping combinations to choose from here at Fairway Pizza, but we also give you the opportunity to make your own pizza topping combination if you have something special in mind! We definitely love the combinations that we have featured on our menu, but there are also some combinations that our guests have turned us onto!

Black Olives and Pineapple

We know it sounds peculiar but it’s a big favorite among our vegetarian clients. Even though we weren’t sure about it ourselves, after we tried it we have to say that it’s worth trying for yourself! A combination of sweet and savory, this probably isn’t a good option for those of you who protest the use of pineapple on pizza, but if you’re open to the prospect, give this combo a try!

Ricotta and Sausage

This is another one that sounds a little strange but if you’ve ever tried it for yourself then you’ll know that this flavor combination is pretty incredible. The delicious flavor of the sausage and the sumptuous flavor of ricotta do make this combination quite rich so don’t over-indulge. This is actually one of our favorite take-home pizza options for parties and events you’re holding at home because something about this combo adds a little touch of class!

Shrimp and Bacon

If you have ever had bacon-wrapped shrimp…or bacon-wrapped anything for that matter…then you know that this is an amazing combination of flavors. If you’ve never tried shrimp and bacon together, this is your kick in the pants to give it a shot – believe us, you’ll order it every time you come in to see us once you’ve tried it for yourself. The only thing about this combination – it doesn’t make for great reheating, so don’t order a bigger pizza than you and your tablemates can eat at that sitting!

Anchovy and Ricotta

This definitely isn’t a pizza choice for everyone because those anchovies just aren’t one everyone’s favorite pizza topping list. If you do happen to love this salty fish, then we recommend adding a little ricotta and giving it a try! The smoothness of the ricotta helps to temper the saltiness of the anchovies and the two flavors just compliment each other so perfectly. We recommend adding a little garlic as well to highlight that flavor profile…but we don’t recommend eating this one before you have an up-close and personal meeting with anyone!

Ready to Share Your Favorite Pizza Recipes with Us?

Ready to share your favorite pizza recipes with us? If you’re craving your favorite pizza toppings but you don’t feel like making your own pizza, drop in and see us here at Fairway Pizza and let us know how to make your favorite pizza!

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