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Hop online and search “cheesesteak near me” and you will get more search results than you can imagine. The problem with this, however, is that most of those search results paid to be there, they didn’t get there because they have the best-tasting food or because they are the favorite food joint for Philly cheese steak in the area. So, what do you do if you are looking for the best Philly Cheesesteak Palm Harbor has to offer? You head over to Fairway Pizza, of course!

A Cheesesteak Near Me That’s Worth Leaving Home For!

Here at Fairway Pizza one of our biggest pet peeves is when restaurants and bars falsely advertise their food. They pay to advertise their meals as the best of the best and something you don’t want to miss and, of course, you believe them! So, you load the family up in the car, drive out there, order your meal, wait for the food to arrive, and then…disappointment. Your burger is too greasy, your Philly cheesesteak is all bread and no cheesesteak, your fries are cold, and your pizza is nothing more than crust with a spoon of sauce and a sprinkle of cheese. In short, you go home feeling disappointed and completely ripped off.

Why does Fairway Pizza care so much? Well, aside from being people who love to eat out for dinner ourselves and being exceptionally irritated when this happens to us, we also work very hard to produce the best meals for all of our customers at our restaurant – Fairway Pizza.

We believe that when you search the net for “cheesesteak near me” or “northern pizza near me” you should see the local restaurants who DO offer the best food. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on restaurant-prepared food, you should get delicious food EVERY TIME.

The Fairway Pizza Promise

Whether you come to see us because you searched for a “cheesesteak near me” online or whether you drove by our pub and thought you’d give us a try, we want to make a promise to you. No matter how you find us, when you find us, or why you find us, when you walk into Fairway Pizza in Palm Harbor we promise that the food that you order will be the best that we have to offer. We will make your meal with fresh ingredients when you order and NOT offer you food that’s been sitting under a hot lamp for an hour. We will always make sure that your burger is moist but not greasy, your Philly cheesesteak is more cheesesteak than it is bread, your fries are piping hot, and your pizza is the best northern style pizza that you’ve ever tasted.

Why Fairway Pizza Really is the Best Palm Harbor Restaurant For Quality Food

Plenty of restaurants boast about being the “best in the area” or having the best food there is to offer, but why does Palm Harbor stand out?

We’re a Small Family Business

We are a small family owned business and we take pride in the food that we serve. Where chain restaurants often freeze large batches of pre-cooked food, cook food ahead of time and leave it under a hot lamp, automate cooking processes and require minimal skill from their staff, Fairway Pizza buys, cooks, and serves food just as mom would at home. You pay for quality and that’s what you should get!

We Enjoy What We Do!

As a small family business, we chose to start Fairway Pizza because we love good food! As lovers of good food, we put our everything into each meal that we make for you because we know that if you’re satisfied you’ll come back and see us again in the future. For us it’s not about cranking out quantity and cutting corners to make a buck, for us it’s about quality food, a family experience, and becoming a staple in your regular restaurant rotation!

Our Food is Actually Food!

When you look at restaurants that order pre-cooked food, that food is not only loaded with preservatives that ruin the flavor of your food but it is also terrible for your health. Add into that that if the restaurant you choose isn’t very popular, you risk receiving food that has freezer burn!

Forget all of that! Fairway Pizza always does everything we can to ensure that the food you order is made with the freshest ingredients when you order it AND we always offer fair portions of perfectly balanced with just the right amount of crust, bread, sauce, roll, and meat!

Ready To Give Us a Try?

Whether you drove past us on the road or whether you looked up “cheesesteak near me”, we want you to drop in and see us! You can find us at 2901 U.S. 19 Alt, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 and if you get lost or want to book ahead just reach out to us at 727-772-7060. Need something for the family for dinner that you can pick up quickly on the way home? Just take a quick look at our menu, decide what you’d like and call it in! We will get it made fresh for you and it’ll be hot and ready when you drop in on the way home! Just don’t feel like getting out of the house? Don’t stress, we have delivery services too! Just call in your order and let us know that you want delivery and we’ll get it all done for you!

No matter how you order, make sure that you get a taste of the best Philly cheesesteak near me and you! The best northern pizza around and plenty of smaller appetizers to eat while you watch the game!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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