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When it comes to pizza delivery Palm Harbor residents count on for delicious northern style pizzas it isn’t those big name companies that do the delivering! Fairway Pizza is everything that those big name brands isn’t, which is why we are the number one delivery company for northern style pizzas in Palm Harbor!

Why Is Fairway Pizza the Pizza Delivery Palm Harbor Residents Prefer?

So, just what is it that makes Fairway Pizza stand out from those other companies?

Delicious Northern Style Pizza

Those other big name pizza delivery companies knock at your door with a box soaked in grease and holding a thick but chewy-crusted pizza covered in plastic looking cheese and a few skimpy toppings. You pay your dues, take your pizza inside and start eating…we don’t blame you, you’re starving…but for less than you paid for that greasy semi-pizza, you could have a freshly baked northern style pizza from Fairway Pizza. Our fresh handmade crusts are always the perfect thickness with just the right amount of crisp and chew, freshly grated cheese, and sliced fresh toppings that actually cover the top of your pie. So…which one will you pick next time you order delivery pizza in Palm Harbor?

Fairway Pizza is a Small Family Run Business

Unlike those chain pizza stores that follow strict recipes that use the most affordable ingredients, Fairway Pizza is a small family run local business that uses the freshest ingredients every time. Why does that matter to you? Because the cheapest ingredients aren’t always the best quality ingredients. As a small business, we take pride in our food and believe in the importance of fresh ingredients and great taste. This means that even if it costs us a little more, we are going to get the tomatoes at the peak of ripeness, the freshest mushrooms, the best of the best.

Fairway Pizza Supports Your Local Community

Those big brand name pizza delivery options are structured as franchises, they have rules to follow, and certain ways of doing business. Here at Fairway Pizza, we are a small local business and we firmly believe in supporting our community. We know that without our loyal customers we wouldn’t be in business today and we want to offer that same support to other local businesses too. Plus, we always love to give back to local charities and foundations to make our city a better place. One of our favorite causes? Helping local animal shelters and rescues to find homes for their dogs and raise money for their causes! Why should that matter to you? Because when you order food from our kitchen you are not just supporting one small local business, you are supporting a whole community!

Toppings You Won’t Find With Your Average Pizza Delivery Company

When you order from those big-name companies for your pizza delivery you get to choose your toppings, sure, but the selection is limited to those same old stale choices. We get it, we probably wouldn’t trust a fast food pizza joint to put shrimp on our pizza either, but when you get delivery from Fairway Pizza you get the added bonus of fresh local ingredients. What does that mean? It means that you can get fresh local seafood on your pizza if you want and you can feel good about it! Not a fan of seafood? Don’t worry, we have plenty of other delicious fresh local toppings that you can choose from, just take a look at our menu and pick out your favorites!

Forget the Brownies and Cinnamon Bread, We’ve Got REAL Desserts

We know that some of you all just can’t get enough sweets but we also know that those bulk manufactured brownies and greasy cinnamon bread chunks just don’t cut it. Lucky for you when you order your takeout pizza from Fairway, you don’t have to choose from two basic desserts! With delicious freshly baked desserts from The Brooklyn Cannoli Company, you can choose from Cheesecake, Limoncello Mascarpone cake, Key Lime pie, Tiramisu cake, Oreo cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse cake, Mississippi Mud cake and White Chocolate mousse cake. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you just call for dessert, who could blame you with so many delicious desserts to choose from!


Ready For Some of Palm Harbor’s Best Pizza Delivery?

If you are ready to try the best northern style delivery pizza in Palm Harbor just pick up the phone and give us a call! Dial 727-772-7060 with your menu choice and leave the rest to us, we’ll be knocking at your door in no time at all!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

Click here for our menu.


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