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Chicken wing delivery can be hard to come by unless you’re hungry for those big box store places that buy their wings in bulk and stick them in the freezer! Here at Fairway Pizza, we offer you a different choice, we offer you freshly made, piping hot, mouth-watering chicken wings that are made to order and delivered to your door.

Chicken Wing Delivery by Fairway Pizza in Palm Harbor

When it comes to delivery chicken wings, we at Fairway Pizza like to do things the right way. That means not delivering reheated frozen wings to your door that taste of freezer burn and are no better than you could have made yourself. No, when you order your delivery chicken wings from Fairway Pizza we cook your wings fresh to order and only start cooking when you put your order in. That means fresh hot chicken wings that taste just as delicious as they would if you had stopped by to eat them at our place!

When you order your wings from us, all you have to do is pick from our flavors and let us do the rest! When choosing from our flavors you have plenty of options to pick from or you can get a few different flavors and share with the rest of the family!

Our chicken wing delivery flavors include

  • Mild Buffalo – All the flavor and tang of a buffalo wing without that crazy heat for those of you who don’t enjoy spicy food.
  • Medium Buffalo – Medium buffalo is our flavorful and slightly spicy version of our Buffalo wing sauce. It won’t blow your head off but it will make your lips tingle.
  • Hot Buffalo – Looking for a spicy wing? Our hot Buffalo sauce is exactly what you need! It’ll leave your lips tingling and make you sweat!
  • Honey BBQ – Not into spice at all? Our sweet honey BBQ sauce will satisfy your wing craving with a delicious mild and sweet flavor.
  • Teriyaki – Our Teriyaki sauce is a fan favorite and perfect if you like the balanced Asian flavor of Teriyaki sauce!
  • Plain breaded wings – Love wings but not a fan of sauces? Our breaded wings are a great choice and we love to pair them with a side of ranch sauce!
  • Naked wings – Just looking for plain wings without the breading? Grab our naked wings and eat them as is or add your own sauce!

You can pick from 6 wings or 12 wings of each flavor or if you’re hosting an event you can call in a catering order for 50 wings! Having a bigger event or just really love wings? You can ask for a full tray of wings and get 100 wings! Just be sure to give us a heads up first because we need a little time to get that many wings cooked up!

Our wings make for the perfect dinnertime treat, a great snack for your party guests to nibble on while they mingle, or a great dinner while you have a movie night with friends. Whatever the occasion there is always a reason to indulge in chicken wings!

Ready to Call in Your Chicken Wing Delivery Order?

Ready to order your chicken wings and have them delivered right to your door? Pick up the phone and give us a call at 727-772-7060! Let us know how many wings you want, what flavor wings you want, and give us your address and we’ll be right there!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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