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Cheese steak delivery in Palm Harbor can be hard to come by unless you happen to have Fairway Pizza and Sports Page Pub on speed dial! We don’t just specialize in fresh northern Italian pizza and delicious chicken wings, but we also have one of the tastiest cheese steak delivery options in Palm Harbor. Actually, we have one of the only cheese steak delivery options in Palm Harbor, but that’s beside the point!

Delicious Cheese Steak Delivery in Palm Harbor

One of the best things about ordering your cheese steak delivery from Fairway Pizza is that you can combine your Philly cheese steak with an order of hot wings or a steaming hot fresh pizza! But what is it that makes our cheese steak the best that Palm Harbor has to offer?

Our Phillies are fresh off the grill and loaded with delicious slices of beef, chunky fresh mushrooms, fresh green peppers, and onions, and finished off with perfectly melted white American cheese. Cram all of these mouthwatering toppings into a soft fresh roll with a side of crispy hot fries and it’s the perfect dinner after a hard day at work! It’s even better since you didn’t have to make it!

Whether you’re heading home from work and want to get a delivery order in just in time for your arrival at home or whether you’re staying in tonight for a movie with friends, all you have to do is give us a call and your cheese steak delivery will be made hot and fresh and you’ll be eating in no time!

Prefer to pick up your dinner on the way home from work? If you’re starving and would rather just pick up dinner while you’re heading home, we can do that too! Just call in your order before you head out from work and we’ll get it started so that you can pick up your order for carryout as you’re passing. Plus, if you get here a little early, you can grab a cold beer and unwind a little while we take your fresh hot sandwich off the grill!

Not a huge fan of steak? Don’t worry, we also make a delicious chicken Philly! Loaded with all the same delicious hot toppings, our chicken Philly is a fan favorite among our non-red-meat-eaters.

Ready to Order Your Cheese Steak Delivery in Palm Harbor?

If your mouth is watering and you’re starving for a hot and juicy cheese steak, Fairway Pizza can help! Just pick up the phone and dial 727-772-7060, place your order and we’ll be at your door in no time at all!

Don’t Forget Dessert! 

While you’re placing your order for delivery, don’t forget about dessert! Fairway Pizza and Sports Page Pub now carries Brooklyn Cannoli Company desserts and believe us when we tell you that this is one sweet treat selection you don’t want to miss out on. Interested to know what desserts we have on the menu? Check out our recent post about all of the delicious options we now stock!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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