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We’ve shared some great pizza facts in the past and today Crystal Beach pizza lovers are sharing some more of their favorite pizza facts with us!

Crystal Beach Pizza Lovers Share Some More Weird Pizza Facts

The First American Pizza Parlor is Still Open!

We’ve talked about Lombardi’s – the first pizza parlor in America – before, but what we didn’t tell you is that this place is still open! Locate in New York City, Lombardi’s first started selling pizza in 1905 and if you’re in the Big Apple anytime in the near future, make sure to pay homage with a huge slice!

UNO’s Is Credited As the Creator of the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!

What we know today as the Chicago deep-dish pizza is credited to the UNO’s pizza chain and was first served up in 1943.

Pizza and Video Games

Pizza and video games go together in more ways than one, did you know that the founder of Chuck E Cheese, Nolan Bushnell, was also the co-founder of Atari? He came up with the idea of Chuck E Cheese as a way to make more money off video game systems.

Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Themed Band

The star, who is best known for his role in Home Alone formed his own Velvet Underground cover band with a pizza theme. Slightly unusual, we know.

Three-Year Old Pizza?

The U.S. military recently poured money into the development of a ready-to-eat pizza that can last up to three years when stored properly. The perfect solution for deployed soldiers who are craving a slice of home.

Pizza Lingo

Did you know that pizza makers actually have their own language? Like in many industries, pizza-making professionals have created a number of slang terms which they use in their kitchens. Some examples include “screamers” which refers to mushrooms and “flyers” which refers to pepperoni slices. When it comes to the pizza dough itself, a stretched ball of dough that’s ready to be made into a pizza is called a “skin”.

Cheese on That Pizza?

Did you know that there are four types of mozzarella cheese? This includes:

  • Mozzarella di bufala (this is made from the milk of water buffalo in Italy. It’s used on Neapolitan-style pizzas,
  • Fior di latte (similar to mozzarella di bufala, but instead of water buffalo milk, it’s made from cow’s milk)
  • Burrata (fresh Italian cheese that is known for having a delicious creamy filling)
  • “Pizza cheese” (this refers to a less perishable whole-milk or part-skim mozzarella pizza cheese that is used by the majority of American pizzerias).

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