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Valentine’s Day delivery pizza Palm Harbor loves may not be most people’s idea of a romantic dinner, but if you and your love are true pizza lovers then you know that pizza is a delicious treat any time of the year no matter where you eat it!

Grab Valentine’s Day Delivery Pizza Palm Harbor Loves Tonight!

If you forgot all about Valentine’s Day, if you forgot your reservations, if you didn’t want to go out in the crowded local restaurants, or if you planned to make dinner but it turned out to be a disaster, we’ve got the delivery pizza Palm Harbor loves and we’ll be there in no time at all! Oh, and if you’re all on your lonesome this evening, don’t worry, one of our delicious freshly made pizza pies will be more than happy to keep you company!

Stuck For Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas?

If you’re stuck for last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas, don’t panic yet, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve!

  • If it’s nice and warm out where you are, use your old Christmas tree lights to create an ambiance in the backyard or on the back deck. Spread out a picnic blanket, grab a bottle of wine, and have us deliver a fresh pizza or pasta dish for a romantic picnic at home!
  • Already have dinner planned or already eaten? Give us a call and have us deliver a selection of our delicious Italian desserts for a sweet night in!
  • Not the kind of couple who goes in for romance? Order a pizza for you, a pizza for them, each with your favorite toppings, grab a cozy blanket and binge the night away on Netflix!
  • Single parent looking for something special to do with your little one? If you have a treehouse, steal the first idea from our list but make it a little more fun with a treehouse atmosphere! No treehouse? Build a fort out of sheets, couch cushions, and anything else you can find and have your own pizza party!
  • On your own? Get a pizza with all of your favorite toppings, add a delicious slice of cheesecake on the side, say your thanks for not having to get dressed up to go out to a crowded restaurant or go through awkward early date conversations, flip on your favorite classic TV show, and spend the night in your cozy pajamas with a full and happy belly. The best part? There’s no one to give you judging looks when you opt for “one more slice of pizza”.

Call For Your Delivery Pizza Palm Harbor!

Ready to call and schedule your pizza delivery? Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 727-772-7060! Want something other than pizza? We’ve got you covered! Just check out our menu and choose from our many other dishes, we’ve got burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and even some delicious Italian desserts!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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