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If you have been craving pizza 34660 residents, allow us to interrupt your craving for a few moments to tell you why you want Fairway Pizza rather than frozen pizza!

Pizza 34660 Residents Can Really Enjoy!

Trying to decide between takeout and a frozen pizza? It’s not much of a decision if you ask us, but just in case you are struggling, we’ve got a few reasons why Fairway Pizza is going to be your best option every time!

Fresh Ingredients

One of the biggest factors that influences the taste of your pizza is how fresh your ingredients are. When you cook a frozen pizza, you are cooking ingredients that have been frozen for goodness knows how long. Did you know that when you freeze foods, you can not only deplete nutrients in that food, but you can also take away from the taste.

Ordering pizza from Fairway pizza, however, means that you get fresh ingredients every time, so you don’t lose any nutrients, and your pizza tastes as perfect as you hoped it would!

Quality Control

Do you know what goes on in a manufacturing plant where frozen pizza is made? How about the packaging line or the transport truck? There are so many “in between” steps when you are talking about frozen pizza that there are just too many variables in play. You could wind up with a tainted product, tainted ingredients, and goodness knows what else!

Here at Fairway Pizza, however, we use only top quality ingredients and we cook your pizza fresh and deliver it to your door while it’s still piping hot.

A Perfect Crust

You know how sometimes when you cook a frozen pizza, you can wind up with a pizza crust that is as hard as a rock or as chewy as a piece of gum? There are many reasons why this can happen but one thing is for sure, it’s not something that happens with a Fairway Pizza delivery! Our pizza crusts are fresh, handmade, cooked to order, and NEVER chewy or hard!

No Cooking

Yes, cooking a frozen pizza doesn’t take all that much skill, but it still requires you to use the oven. If your oven is on the blink or if you just don’t cook (hey, some people can’t even boil an egg!) cooking up a pizza just isn’t something you are going to look forward to. Rather than stressing yourself out over cooking a nutrient-depleted pizza, all you have to do to get a delicious pizza on your table is to give Fairway Pizza a call! Once you call in, we’ll get right to work on your hot fresh pizza and in no time at all, one of our delivery team members will be standing on your doorstep with a crispy handmade crust topped with homemade tomato sauce, melty cheese, and your choice of delicious toppings!

Ready to Order Pizza 34660 Residents?

If you’re ready to order your pizza 34660 residents, just pick up the phone and give us a call here at Fairway Pizza! You can reach us at 727-772-7060 and don’t forget, you can eat here, carry out, or get delivery!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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