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If you’re on the search for good pizza in Palm Harbor then, of course, we recommend that you drop in and pay us a visit at Fairway Pizza to give our fresh made pies a chance! But, we also want to share with you just a few of the things that we feel makes a good pizza…things that we incorporate into every one of our pies!

What Makes Good Pizza in Palm Harbor?

What makes good pizza…or great pizza is subjective according to some people, but here at Fairway Pizza, we believe that when it comes to the basics, every great pizza should have a few things no matter who is eating it or what they’re putting on it!

Fresh Not Frozen

The first thing on our list goes without saying – a good pizza should always be a fresh pizza!

When you bake a fresh pizza, you get a fluffy crust with a crisp crunch, a golden toast on the cheese, and evenly heated pizza all the way through. When you reheat frozen pizza or even refrigerated pizza, however, you wind up with a soggy or rock hard crust, you lose the crispiness on the baked cheese, and you never ever get an even heat all the way through!

Handmade Crust

You can make your own pizza at home using flatbreads or pita bread, but you have to admit that without the fluffiness and crisp crunch of a freshly baked handmade crust, well, something is missing. We find the same to be true of pizza places that use previously frozen pizza crusts, they just don’t get that same rise as a freshly handmade crust that has risen in the oven and toasted perfectly.

Unique Sauce

If you’re looking for good pizza in Palm Harbor, you’re not going to find it with a pizza place that uses pizza sauce from a jar. When you compare pizza sauce in a jar to fresh, homemade pizza sauce, you can’t help but notice the difference. Your jarred sauce will be loaded with salt and sugar, it will often have a completely blended texture, and it will lack that certain something. A freshly made sauce has the perfect punch of spices, a taste of fresh tomato, a lightness that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s truly something you’ll never forget.

Fresh Toppings

It doesn’t matter what you get on your pizza, if it’s not fresh, you’re going to know it. Consider a pizza that’s been made with pre-packaged pepperoni slices and pizza made with freshly sliced pepperoni…if you’re a pepperoni pizza lover, you’ll know the difference and the same goes for any other pizza topping too!

Ready to Give Our Good Pizza in Palm Harbor a Try?

If you’re ready to give our great handmade pizzas a try, drop in and pay us a visit today at 2901 Alt 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, or give us a call and place an order for pickup or delivery! Just pick up the phone and dial 727-772-7060

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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