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Everyone wants good pizza! But what one person thinks makes a great meal isn’t always the same thing that another person thinks makes a perfect meal. We did some research and found out what some people think makes a pie a perfect pie. See how many of these opinions you agree with!

What Is It That Makes Pizza Truly Great?

So, what do people think makes a pie great?


A large number of people say that what determines whether a pizza is perfect is the crust! It doesn’t matter whether you are a deep pan crust lover, a thin crust lover, a handtossed crust lover, or a stuffed crust pie lover, one of the most important things to pie lovers is just how well their crust is cooked.

Freshness of Toppings

Where some people think that crust is the most important part of pizza, others think that it all comes down to the toppings! The biggest concern for pizza lovers who score a pie based on toppings, is how fresh toppings are. The second biggest concern is how abundant toppings are. We have to agree with both of these! Toppings that aren’t fresh really take the pleasure out of eating pie, no one wants soggy toppings or dried out vegetables! And when it comes to the abundance of toppings, no one wants a pie where they’ve skimped on the toppings! Really, who wants to eat a pepperoni pizza with a single slice of pepperoni on it?! Besides that, you’ve paid for that pepperoni, so you deserve to get plenty of it!


Although fewer number of people cite cheese as what makes a pie perfect, there are still quite a few people who think that cheese is what makes a perfect pie. What is it specifically about cheese that makes a pizza great? There are a few answers! Some people believe that it’s the type of cheese that makes pie perfect- fresh mozzarella always comes out on top! Other people believe that it’s how much cheese is on a pie that makes it great. We’re with the first group on this one. Although we love pizza with all types of cheese, there is nothing quite like fresh mozzarella on a piping hot pie!

Cooking Method

There are a few people who also feel that the cooking method is what makes a pie perfect! Overwhelmingly this group believes that stone cooked pizza is a favorite.

What do you think makes a pie perfect? Are you a crust, cheese, topping, or cooking method person?

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