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When searching for “pizza near me” delivery favorites vary greatly around the world! Today we’re looking at some of the top pizza options from different countries around the globe!

Pizza Near Me: Delivery Pizza Favorites Around the World!

So what are your fellow pizza lovers ordering from their favorite pizza delivery joints around the world? Let’s check out some of the top selling pies!


Ordering a favorite in Russia means getting a pizza topped with tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, red herring, and onions. Talk about a stinky pizza! Oh, and don’t expect this pizza to arrive hot because it’s eaten cold!


What are pizza lovers in India ordering? Popular pizza topping combinations include minced mutton, paneer, tofu, and pickled ginger. That’s one unique flavor profile for sure!


You may not think of Sweden automatically when it comes to getting pizza delivered, but Swedish people love their pizza! What are some of the favorite Swedish pizza toppings? It turns out that banana curry is one of the top picks on every pizza menu! We can’t say we’d be thrilled to try this one, but if you’re a curry lover, you might like this one!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica may make you think of sloths and coffee, but they are also known for loving coconut on their pizzas! If you are a fan of sweet pizza, you might want to try this one with a little pineapple on top – it’s almost like making a Pina Colada pizza!


Brazil is another country you might not recognize for pizza delivery popularlity, but when it comes to pizza toppings, you’d be surprised at some of the local favorite combinations!

Some Brazilian favorites include garden peas, quail eggs, shredded carrots, and raisins. That’s quite a mashup of unusual ingredients, but we can’t help but wonder how a pizza with these toppings would taste! We’ve never had the opportunity to try quail egg!


You may not be surprised to know that Aussie pizza has some very unusual protein toppings. What do we mean by unusual proteins? Saltwater crocodile, kangaroo, and emu.

Wondering how kangaroo tastes? It’s said to taste like a cross between venison and buffalo meat. If you have never tried kangaroo and like venison and buffalo, this might be a pizza topping worth considering the next time you are out in Oz!


Japan takes their pizza to a whole new level when it comes to their favorite toppings! Favorites include hot mayonnaise and potatoes. We’ve never tried this combination for ourselves, but we like potatoes and we like mayonnaise…so what’s not to like?


What’s a takeout pizza favorite out in Finland? Smoked reindeer meat, onions, and chanterelle mushrooms make up one of the nation’s favorite choices – Berlusconi Pizza!

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