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Ever wondered how the pros make pizza dough? It’s no secret that most pizza places have a secret ingredient or a secret process that they use to make their dough and while we can’t share all the secrets with you, today we do have some tips to help you with your own pizza dough making!

Dough Tips From the Pros

So you’ve been trying your hand at making dough, but your final pizza dough leaves something to be desired. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips that will help you to get more satisfaction out of that dough the next time that you make it!

Use Room Temperature Dough

It’s a common misconception that pizza dough should be cold when you work with it. When the pizza dough is cold, stretching and kneading it is going to be much more difficult because the dough is going to be stiffer and have more resistance. This resistance will make your dough tear and rip as you work with it and you’re simply not going to get a pizza base made from that dough.

Conversely, when your dough is room temperature, it’s still going to have some springiness and be workable and it’s not going to break as it will with cold dough.

Don’t Use a Rolling Pin!

True pros will never use a rolling pin to roll out their base dough for their pizza. The fact is that when you are shaping a pizza base, it’s all in how you work the dough and the best way to work that dough is with your bare hands. Just be sure not to overwork the dough or you will wind up with a stiff dough that snaps when stretched and you won’t be able to stretch out a pizza base the way you need to.

Pre-Heat The Oven!

While you are working with your pizza dough, you want to preheat your oven so that it is HOT when you are ready to put the pizza in the oven. If your oven isn’t pre-heated, you are going to wind up with some very unevenly cooked bread! In fact, you will very likely wind up with a pizza crust that is crispy on the outside but raw in the middle!! Preheat your oven and you will get even cooking and when the timer sounds, everything will be cooked all the way through – no more mouthfuls of stretchy, gloopy dough of a half-cooked pizza !

Not Wondering About Making Pizza Dough and Prefer to Have Someone Else Make it For You?

Prefer to have someone else make the pizza dough so that you can just enjoy the pizza once it’s finished? That’s what we’re here for! Just give us a call today at Fairway Pizza at 727-772-7060 to order your delivery or carryout order or if you feel like dropping by, just bring your mask and enjoy some good company (socially  distanced of course!)

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