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Palm Harbor Carryout Pizza Vs Delivery Pizza…both are great options if you feel like grabbing a meal at home! Here at Fairway Pizza, we offer our customers carryout and takeout options in addition to dining in. Today we want to talk a little bit about the differences between carryout and takeout even though some people use the terms interchangeably.

Palm Harbor Carryout Pizza Vs Delivery Pizza

You may have heard people use these terms interchangeably, but they are actually very different.


When we talk about “carryout” we are talking about pizza that you call in and then drive to pick up yourself.


When we talk about delivery we are talking about pizza that you call in and have someone else deliver to you.

Aside from those big differences, how do carryout and delivery pizza compare? Let’s take a look…

Carryout Pizza Pros

  • Carryout pizza is a convenient way to grab dinner on the way home from work~
  • Carryout pizza saves you a delivery fee because you are picking it up yourself.
  • Carryout pizza is great if you are out and about but just don’t feel like cooking dinner when you get home!
  • Carryout means that you get to check your order before you get it home to make sure that it’s just right!

Delivery Pizza Pros

  • Delivery pizza is perfect for days when you just don’t want to leave the house.
  • Delivery pizza is good for when you feel under the weather because you don’t have to drive anywhere to get it.
  • Delivery pizza means that you are keeping your delivery person in a job (something that is very much appreciated during this pandemic.)

Carryout Pizza Cons

  • Carryout pizza means that you have to pick up your food which isn’t a big deal unless you live far away from the pizzeria or if you aren’t feeling well.
  • You are not giving your business to delivery drivers who depend on your tips to make a living.
  • If you are trying to quarantine, carryout pizza means that you are going to need to go out in public – please remember to wear your mask!

Delivery Pizza Cons

  • Delivery pizza is sometimes cold by the time it gets to you depending on the pizzeria and the delivery driver’s speed of delivery.
  • Delivery pizza comes with a delivery fee and it’s customary to tip your delivery person, so delivery can be a little more costly.
  • Depending on who you order your pizza from and how busy they are, you may receive the wrong pizza or the person taking your order may have misheard you. In this case, you only find out that it’s not the right order when it arrives at your home! Then if you want a replacement, you’re going to have to wait longer to get your pizza!

Feel Like Ordering Some Palm Harbor Carryout Pizza or Delivery Pizza?

Whether you feel like ordering carryout or delivery, you can order your favorite pie with us here at Fairway Pizza! Start by checking out our menu and then giving us a call at 727-772-7060.

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