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As the leading 34683 pizza joint, we love to collect pizza facts. In fact, we’ve shared some of those facts here on our blog before! Well, we’re back again with some more great facts about our favorite entree and you have to check these out!

34683 Pizza Joint Shares Some Interesting Pizza Facts

All Of Those Pizza Boxes

Did you know that the average pizza restaurant uses around 55 pizza boxes every day? And you can bet that that number has gone up over the past few months!

The Day Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving is one of the top-selling pizza days of the year! Other top-selling days include Halloween, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and the day of the big football game!

How Many Americans Is That Again?

Did you know that ninety-three percent of Americans have consumed pizza during the last month? How many people is that? That’s over 305 MILLION people, all of whom are chowing down on pizza!

How Much Food From FoodService Sales is Pizza?

We’ll bet that you didn’t know that ten percent of all foodservice sales are pizza sales! We love pizza more than just about anyone, but when you look at the actual numbers behind these statistics, it’s pretty crazy! Just what is that number? $600,000,000,000 – what is that number translated? Six hundred billion dollars!

How Many Slices of Pizza Do You Eat Every Year?

We can’t say that we keep track of how much pizza we eat each year, but we can guarantee that it’s a whole lot and we’re pretty sure that it’s more than the average American. But just how many slices of pizza does the average American eat every year? Forty-six slices! If the average large pizza has 10 slices, that’s four and three fifths large pizzas. When you put it like that it doesn’t sound like all that much at all.

Worldwide Pizza Sales

But let’s take a look at the whole world’s pizza buying habits… Did you know that around three billion pizzas are sold around the world every year!

Pizza Demographics

Which age group loves pizza the most? Surveys have shown that kids ages 3-11 prefer to eat pizza over any other food type out there! We’re not sure how many kids or parents were surveyed, but we wouldn’t second guess that number. We’ve heard plenty of our younger guests proclaim that pizza is their favorite food ever!

Veggie Lovers Are Outnumbered

We love every type of pizza topping and we love our veggie-loving pizza fans and our meat-loving pizza fans too, but just how do those groups compare? Sixty-two percent of Americans prefer meat toppings on their pizza compared to thirty-eight percent of Americans who prefer veggies!

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