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Today we’re talking about the Palm Harbor best pizza combinations that you have to try. Now, there are many many pizza topping combinations to choose from and a combination that tastes great to you isn’t necessarily one that tastes great to someone else. That’s why today we’re sharing a nice selection of pizza combination options to choose from.

Palm Harbor Best Pizza Combinations You Have to Try

Shrimp and Bacon

This isn’t a combination choice for everyone, but it’s one worth trying if you do love bacon and shrimp. Just add cooked shrimp and bacon on top of your pizza and heat it just a little longer to combine those flavors. Looking for a little more flavor? We recommend adding some finely diced red onion for a little more “pop!”

Ham and Pineapple

This combination is no secret and not everyone agrees with the idea of adding pineapple to the top of a pizza, but for those who don’t argue against it, this is a classic and tasty combination. Thinly sliced ham with thin pineapple chunks, this is a fruity yet salty combination that strikes the perfect balance.

BBQ Sauce and Chicken

If you’re looking for something other than red sauce on your pizza, we recommend trying the BBQ sauce and chicken combination. A tangy BBQ sauce is a great alternative to pizza sauce and paired with fresh grilled chicken for a little more protein, it’s a delicious combination, particularly when you add some finely diced red onion!

Garlic and Ranch

This is a pizza combination that even we hadn’t heard of until recently, but it’s definitely one that will amaze you with flavor and make you wonder why you’ve never tried it before! Instead of a red pizza sauce, this pizza uses a garlic-infused ranch dressing for an addictive sweet tang. Want to add some extra toppings to this combination? Keep it mild and simple with some grilled chicken or some green bell pepper.

Taco Pizza

Call it taco pizza or Southwestern pizza, no matter what you call it, this mildly spiced pizza is two meals in one and if you’re a taco lover, you’re going to love this combination! Topped with seasoned ground beef, onions, jalapeno peppers, fresh diced tomatoes, and anything else that you’d put on top of your tacos, this is a great way to add a twist to taco night.

Cheeseburger Pizza

Slightly different to the taco pizza, this pizza includes seasoned beef, a variety of freshly grated cheeses, sliced rings of onion, and chopped bacon. What makes this pizza stand apart from the taco pizza the most, however, is that instead of using tomato sauce, this pizza relies on a mixture of ketchup and mustard to give it that true cheeseburger flavor.

Do You Have Any Palm Harbor Best Pizza Combinations to Recommend?

What are your favorite pizza combinations? Did we mention them already or did we miss them on our list of recommendations? If we missed your favorite combination, drop by our Facebook page and share it with us there!

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