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As one of the leading Palm Harbor family friendly pizza places, here at Fairway Pizza we know a thing or two about what it takes to create a family friendly atmosphere. If you’ve never paid us a visit before, though, you may be wondering what it is that makes us family friendly, so let us tell you!

Palm Harbor Family Friendly Pizza: What Makes Fairway Family Friendly

We Offer a Children’s Menu

Some pizza places just offer slices or pies. Here at Fairway Pizza, we offer a full range of choices including delicious desserts! We don’t expect our juvenile guests to choose from an adult menu, though, we have a children’s menu selection that includes smaller portions of some of our guest’s favorite meal choices as well as some of the more child-friendly options including chicken tenders with French fries.

We Have a Roomy Dining Room

Unlike some other restaurants, here at Fairway Pizza, we have a roomy dining space so strollers can pass between tables easily and you don’t have to fight against caught chairs on stroller wheels. Having a roomy dining space also means that when children want to visit family members at different ends of the table, they can do so without tripping or interrupting other diners in the process.

A Large Outdoor Space

In addition to our roomy dining space, we also have a large outdoor space where you are free to step out and take a short walk when things get a little overwhelming. We know that sometimes sitting still while you’re hungry or waiting for everyone else at the table to finish eating can be hard when you’re a child. We love the fact that we can offer an outdoor space where parents can walk with their overwhelmed children and give them a moment to decompress. It’s a great stress relief for parents too because we know that when children’s frustration levels start to rise, things can get a little stressful for parents too!

Friendly and Welcoming Staff

As a family friendly restaurant, we make sure that all of our staff members are family friendly too! You never have to worry about your children “bothering” our staff and you can rest assured that you and your children will always be served with a smile!

Ready to Visit Fairway Pizza Family Friendly Pizza Restaurant?

If you’re ready to drop by and pay us a visit here at Fairway Pizza, you’ll find us at 2901 Alt 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, but if you get lost on your way over here, just give us a call at 727-772-7060 and we’ll help you to find your way! Prefer to stay at home and eat? Give us a call and order delivery pizza and we’ll get it to you right away, hot and fresh!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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