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When you order Palm Harbor pizza delivery – no matter where you order your delivery pizza from – there are a few things that your pizza delivery company would like you to know. Today we want to share a few of those things with you.

Palm Harbor Pizza Delivery: 4 Things You Should Know

It Really Helps When You Know What Toppings You Would Like Beforehand

When you call in your pizza delivery order it really helps the efficiency of the restaurant (and helps to get your pizza delivered much faster) if you know what toppings you would like on your pizza beforehand. Restaurants are busy places and often delivery drivers get called back to answer a delivery call because everyone’s hands are full, when this happens it delays the delivery of orders so the faster you can make the ordering process, the faster you will get your food too!

Good Pizza Takes Time

There are pizza delivery options where the pizza you order has already been made and is being kept warm under a heat lamp. At Fairway Pizza we prefer to make pizza fresh because it tastes SO MUCH BETTER! But, fresh, hot pizza means that you have to wait longer to get your food delivered so please be patient because that patience results in something that tastes SO much better than a cafeteria-style pizza.

Your Delivery Driver Works Hard, Please Tip

We understand that tipping adds on to your bill, but it doesn’t add to the income of the restaurant you are ordering from. When you tip on your pizza delivery order, that tip goes straight to your delivery driver. Your delivery driver works hard for a living just like you do, please don’t forget to tip them for their service, they will be most appreciative.

The More Details You Can Give on Your Delivery Address, The Better

We know you’re hungry and we want to get your pizza to your door while it’s still piping hot and fresh so the more details you can give us on your location, the better. If you have a green fountain in the front yard, let us know! It’ll help your delivery driver to find your house faster and that means that you’ll be eating your pizza much sooner. At Fairway Pizza here in Palm Harbor, we even have a few delivery clients who use a HUE lightbulb to change the color of their porch light making it much easier for our drivers to find their house!

Ready to Order Palm Harbor Pizza Delivery?

If you’re ready to order Palm Harbor pizza delivery, why not give us a call here at Fairway Pizza in Palm Harbor? We’ve got all the freshly made pizza you can eat as well as plenty of non-pizza options for the members of your family who aren’t feeling like a slice and who want something different.

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