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When it comes to pizza in Palm Harbor Fl…or pizza in general, for that matter, we here at Fairway Pizza know a thing or two. In fact, as the place that serves the best pizza in Palm Harbor, we have to say that we know more than a thing or two and that’s why today, we’re going to share a few tips with you on what makes a truly great pizza!

Pizza in Palm Harbor Fl: What Makes Good Pizza?

Ask someone what makes a great pizza and you’ll likely get a number of answers that depend on who you ask and their taste in toppings. Ask us here at Fairway Pizza and we’ll tell you that good pizza begins with the basics regardless of those personal preferences. What do we mean? Well, let us tell you what we think makes a good pizza!

A Handmade Crust

There is something about a handmade crust that really makes the difference in how a pizza tastes. Those big chain restaurants that slap ingredients down on a generic pizza dough that’s been sitting in the freezer…they don’t understand just how much of a difference a freshly hand-tossed dough makes.

Fresh Ingredients

Canned ingredients have a sourness to them. Frozen ingredients lose their flavor. Fresh ingredients…well, fresh ingredients have that crispness, maintain their natural flavor, and – best of all – they are packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals that aren’t degraded due to preservatives. That’s why we use fresh toppings on all our pizzas – because freshness makes the flavor.

A Balanced Sauce

In addition to the freshness of a crust and the freshness of topping ingredients, another of the most crucial aspects of a great pizza is the sauce. Everyone has their own take on what makes a great sauce but here’s what we think…

A great pizza sauce should be freshly made – like every aspect of a good pizza!

It should be well balanced with herbs and spices.

It should be acidic but not sour or overpowering.

It should be sweet but not sugary.

Our pizza sauce here at Fairway Pizza is one of the things that people love the most about our pizza and we have to say it’s something that we truly pour our hearts into.

Do Topping Options Make a Great Pizza?

A lot of people think that it’s the combination of toppings or the availability of certain toppings that makes a truly great pizza. While it’s certainly nice to have a good selection of fresh toppings to choose from, without the elements that we noted above, a pizza is little more than a grocery store frozen meal.

Looking For Great Pizza in Palm Harbor Fl?

If you’re looking for great pizza in Palm Harbor Fl, drop in and pay us a visit here at Fairway Pizza! Don’t feel like dropping in to eat? Grab takeout on the way home or order delivery! However you want your pizza to get to you, we’ll make sure it happens!

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Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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