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Are you searching for “pizza delivery near me” online but only finding the same old fast food delivery companies? Well, if you live in the Palm Harbor area, it’s time that you tried something a little different – northern style pizza!

“Pizza Delivery Near Me” Will Never Be the Same!

Hop online and search for “pizza delivery near me” and you will undoubtedly receive search results that include those same old fast food companies. You know the ones, the same companies you use time and again. The same companies that offer the same old pizzas that come dripping with oil, have the cheese stuck to the lid of the box, and offer you just enough toppings to stop you from complaining but not enough to satisfy. Well, Fairway Pizza is here to change that!

If you live in the Palm Harbor area and are looking for “pizza delivery near me” but want something out of the norm, check out Fairway Pizza northern style pizza!

Here at Fairway Pizza, we make all of our pizzas fresh by hand using the very best ingredients. What’s more, we don’t just follow corporate policies when putting together our pies. We believe in honoring the tradition of northern Italian pizza. That means a delicious bready crust topped with our exquisite and perfectly spiced tomato sauce and golden brown cheese. You want toppings? We don’t skimp! We believe that one of the best parts of good pizza lies in the abundance of fresh, hearty toppings – after all, you are eating a MEAL, not a snack! Our pizzas come loaded with your favorite toppings and will leave you satisfied every time unlike those thinly sliced “pizza” pies our competition offers!

Pizza should be a filling meal, a meal of fresh and delicious ingredients balanced perfectly with a thick and fluffy pizza crust fresh from the oven. That’s the Fairway Pizza difference and we guarantee that you’ll never call those other guys again!

Hungry For Real Pizza?

If you’re in the Palm Harbor and are hungry for real pizza instead of that cookie cutter, frozen dough, thinly sliced toppings stuff offered by the “big guys”, give us a call at 727-772-7060! Place your order for delivery and we’ll start making your hot, fresh pizza right away!

We Deliver!

Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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