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What IS the difference between brick oven pizza and northern style pizza?

We’ve talked about the different types of pizzas here on our blog before, but recently we were asked about the difference between brick oven pizza and northern style pizza and we thought you might like to know what sets these tasty pies apart from each other!

Brick Oven Pizza

When we talk about brick oven pizza we are talking about the method of cooking used to cook the pizza.

Brick oven pizza is cooked in…you guessed it…a brick oven. This oven uses bricks to maintain high temperatures and a fire fueled by gas, wood, or even coal is used to build this heat. The different types of fuel provide different tastes to the pizza and the naked flame creates a char or crisp crust.

A gas fire imparts less flavor but is clean burning and can char the crust of the pizza.

A wood fire adds a smokey wood flavor to the pizza and can also char the pizza crust.

A coal fire is seldom used because it’s a very messy way to cook in the kitchen, but it can be used to fuel a brick oven too.

Northern Style Pizza

When we talk about northern style pizza we are talking about the origin of the pizza. Northern style pizza originates from Northern Italy and is characterized by a thicker bready crust. Northern style pizza also has thicker sliced toppings and more of them.

What’s the Difference Between Brick Oven Pizza and Northern Style Pizza?

Northern style pizza can be brick oven pizza if it is cooked in a brick oven. Northern style pizza can also be a non-brick oven pizza. Brick oven pizza, however, has to be cooked in a brick oven (makes sense, right?)

Many people like brick oven and non-brick oven pizzas but a select few prefer the “cleaner” taste of non-brick oven pizza or pizza that has been cooked in a gas-powered brick oven.

Whatever flavor you like with your pizza, we can’t blame you, we can’t get enough of it ourselves and we’ll take it any way we can get it!

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