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Palm Harbor restaurants and businesses are doing their best to breathe life back into the local economy after extended shutdowns due to Covid-19. If you are like most people, then you too, have experienced some setbacks due to the closings and delays related to COVID. We know that everyone is hurting, so today we wanted to share a few ways that you can support local businesses so that we can all thrive!

Palm Harbor Restaurants: Support Your Local Businesses

So, how can you help to support local businesses in Palm Harbor?

Carryout or Delivery

We know that not everyone feels comfortable dining out in restaurants at the moment and we get it. Even though we have strict social distancing regulations in place, we understand if you still want to chow down in the comfort of your home. But you can still support local restaurants by ordering food for carryout or delivery? Pick something up on your way home and surprise everyone with a pizza for dinner, grab a pie to go and have a picnic on the beach, or have something delivered to your home and have some family time with a good movie! Any way that you enjoy your food, ordering from a local restaurant helps them to recover after the COVID-19 closings!

Consider Gift Cards

Christmas isn’t that far away and we’re sure that you know someone who’s having a birthday soon! One of the best ways that you can support your local businesses and restaurants right now is to purchase gift cards. Grab some for gifts, early stocking stuffers, or grab a couple to put in your purse or wallet for the next time that you might need them! When you purchase gift cards, the money that you spend goes to the business you are supporting immediately and helps them to get back into the swing of things and you or your gift recipient get to keep that gift card until you/they are ready to spend it!

Consider Generosity

Try to remember that your serving staff and waitstaff at a restaurant have likely been out of work for some time due to closings. This means that they are also likely struggling to make ends meet as they get back to work. If you are in a position to be able, please consider being generous with your tips when great service is rendered by your waitstaff/serving staff to make them aware of your appreciation and to help them in a time of need. If you’re not in a position where you can do this, of course, we understand, but please remember that a simple smile and a thanks can go a long way in boosting morale too!

Looking For Palm Harbor Restaurants to Support?

If you’re looking to support Palm Harbor restaurants while grabbing a bite to eat or a gift card for a friend, why not drop in and pay us a visit here at Fairway Pizza? We’d love to see your smiling face and we’ve got plenty of fresh-from-the-oven pies waiting!

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Fairway Pizza Delivers!

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