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Today on the Fairway Pizza blog, we’re going to talk a bit about Chicago pizza! Now, here at Fairway, we specialize in Northern Style pizza, but we can certainly appreciate every type of pizza there is which is why today we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Chicago-style pizza!

Chicago Pizza: Everything You Need to Know

What is Chicago Style Pizza?

Chicago style pizza is a pizza that has been cooked in a deep pie dish or pan so that it takes on a deeper “dish” appearance. This is also where the name “deep dish” pizza comes from too. When baked in this deep pan, the pizza turns out to be very “deep” too. Pizza artists do this by placing the pizza dough into the deep rounded pan and spreading that dough up against the sides of the pan to form a “deep dish”.

How is Chicago-Style Pizza Different?

Aside from the way that the crust of the deep dish pizza is made, there are other differences between this style of pizza and others, too. For example, the order that the pizza ingredients are tackled. With most pizzas, you begin making the pizza by forming the crust, then spreading on the sauce, the cheese, and then the toppings before cooking. The deep-dish pizza, however, is made crust first, cheese, toppings, and then tomato sauce. The reason for this is the thickness of the pizza. Since the finished product is so deep, it requires longer in the oven to cook through. If your cheese were to sit on the top of your pizza as it does on other pizzas, you would wind up with charcoal cheese!

Another difference between this deeper style pizza and other options is the size of the toppings that can be used. Many of the thinner crust pizzas use thinly sliced toppings and fewer slices because the thin crust is only able to support so much weight before it flops down and makes a real mess! Chicago pizza and Northern style pizza both have a sturdier and thicker crust, though, which means that they are capable of holding more toppings.

Having a deeper dish pizza with so many toppings on can create a heavy pizza slice, though, which isn’t necessarily ideal for eating with your hands! That’s why you will often see the deep dish pizza being eaten with a knife and fork. Come to think of it, we’ve never seen anyone trying to eat this style of pizza with their hands! We imagine it’s quite messy, though!

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