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Great pizza. Just hearing those words makes our tummies rumble! Fortunately, here at Fairway Pizza, we have plenty of pizza to go around. This got us to thinking, though. What is it that makes a truly great pizza? What do you guys think?

Great Pizza: What Is It That Makes A Truly Great Pizza?

We all have personal preferences when it comes to our favorite type of pizza and pizza toppings, but when it all boils down to it, there are a few things that just make a great pizza no matter how you go about making it. Yes, you may love fresh salty anchovies, but without the perfect pizza to put them on…well, you’ve just got salty anchovies! So what do you need to make that perfect pie?

Handmade Sauce

Many people will tell you that the crust of the whole production is the most important part, but for us, it’s all in the sauce. Without a sauce you’re just eating anchovies on bread…you made a sandwich of sorts! So, what’s in a good sauce?

A good sauce is made by hand using the freshest ingredients. It is perfectly balanced with seasonings and spices and is just the right consistency to spread atop your crust without being too stingy or too overloaded. One of our biggest pet peeves is a sauce that is far too sweet, we all like that little touch of sweetness, but make it too sweet and a pizza doesn’t taste like a pizza at all!

Freshly Baked Crust

We are suckers for freshly baked pizza crusts. Warm, supple, freshly baked pizza dough is soft yet crispy and never doughy and it’s thick enough to hold up to your sauce and toppings without going soggy. Likewise, a great pizza crust is never too thick either because when it’s too thick you’re going to wind up with raw dough in the middle or charred crust on the outside and both of these will ruin your meal.

Now, we know that some of you out there love deep dish and some of you love a thin-crust, but for us, the perfect crust is somewhere in the middle. We love the softness of warm baked crust with the crispy bite that comes from cooking at the perfect temperature.

Fresh Cheese

Lastly, the cheese. You may not think that the cheese that goes onto your pie plays a big part in your pizza-eating-experience, but it does. Try making a pie with American cheese slices and you’ll see what we mean! Our favorite option is freshly sliced mozzarella generously dotted across the top, but if you prefer the more traditional “layer” of cheese, just make sure that whatever you pick has a mild to moderate flavor profile and is FRESH!

Looking For Great Pizza in Palm Harbor?

Are you looking for great pizza in or around Palm Harbor? If you’re looking for the best pie you ever had, make sure to drop in and see us here at Fairway! We’re located at 2901 Alt 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34683! Don’t feel like getting out of the house today? Just call in your order for delivery instead by dialing 727-772-7060!

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