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Fairway Pizza is one of the leading pizza restaurants in Palm Harbor and to say that we love pizza is a huge understatement! In fact, our staff know far too much pizza trivia, so today, we’re going to share some of that trivia with you and tell you about 5 pizza myths!

Pizza Restaurants In Palm Harbor Share 5 Pizza Myths

1. Pizza Became a Popular Dish Worldwide Due to Italian Immigrants!

False! In fact, there are many different reasons behind the spread of pizza worldwide! According to the Washington Post, pizzerias were very affordable to set up between the 1950’s and the 1980’s. The business required very little overhead and the initial investment to start up the business was low. This attracted many individuals from all walks of life!

2. The Pizzeria Business Was Always Owned by Italians and Italian Americans

In the 1970’s there was an explosion of pizzerias in the Northeast U.S. While many people believed that the popularity of pizzerias was only down to Italians and Italian Americans, this explosion was largely due to Greek-Americans!

3. Everybody Loves Pizza!

This is a strange myth – somehow, there is a huge number of people out there who believe that everyone in the world loves pizza. Of course, this just isn’t true! Just like any other food, there are people out there who don’t enjoy pizza! We can’t say that we know any of these people, but we’re not sure that they’re our kind of people!

4. Pizza Causes Obesity and Acne

Many people blame pizza for acne breakouts and obesity, but pizza isn’t necessarily to blame for that recent breakout or for your weight gain!

In moderation – like anything else – pizza can’t be blamed for weight gain! Although, if you have gluten sensitivities, you may notice distension of your belly, and a feeling of fullness and bloating after you eat!

As for acne, it’s largely believed that dairy products are one of the biggest contributing factors to acne breakouts, not pizza. We don’t necessarily think that dairy is bad, though, it’s a great source of vitamins and minerals, but again – eat a balanced daily diet and have your pizza in moderation! If you only eat a diet of pizza, and nothing else…well of course you are going to have acne because your skin isn’t getting all of the nutrients that you need to remain healthy!

5. You Have to Use REAL Buffalo Mozzarella to Get Good Pizza

False! While buffalo mozzarella can be incredibly delicious, you can still have an amazing pizza without using “real buffalo mozzarella”! You may love buffalo mozzarella (and we don’t blame you,) but there are so many different things that you can do with a pizza to get an amazing taste profile and they don’t all involve using buffalo mozzarella!

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Are you looking for pizza restaurants in Palm Harbor? Drop in and pay us a visit here at Fairway Pizza! We’d love to share our mouthwatering pizza with you!

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